Frequently Asked Questions about Foundation Repair

1. How do you know if you have a foundation problem?
Indicators of foundation movement are:

  • Cracks around windows and doors or in ceiling areas.
  • Cracking in brick veneer or separations in stucco/siding/facia/or soffit areas.
  • Buckled or bowed foundation walls.
  • Uneven or sloping floors.
  • Doors or windows that stick and do not operate properly or swing open.

2. If I do nothing will the problem correct itself or stop getting worse?

  • The problem will not correct or reverse itself if left unaddressed.

3. What causes cracks in drywall and brick surfaces?

  • Foundation movement (uplift or settlement) due to support soil moisture content variation.
  • Poor site drainage.
  • Improper fill placement or compaction can cause the support soil to shrink, settle or swell resulting in foundation movement.

4. Are there any identifying signals for foundation movement?

  • See above #1

5. Will underpinning of my foundation stop the movement?

  • Underpinning will stabilize the affected area, often times the soil to foundation contact area must also be isolated (voided) to allow the repair to function as designed.

6. Can you return my foundation to the level it was in prior to the movement? And will the cracks in the brick no longer be visible?

  • MAYBE. Small debris and mortar chinking can fall behind the bricks making it impossible for the cracks to completely disappear without removal and resetting of the brick, however in most cases with tuck-pointing of mortar joints the desired esthetic/cosmetic look is achieved.

7. If I have an existing house and am doing an addition, can you install helical piers and not ruin my landscaping?

  • Yes, we can use handheld equipment or a small machine to install most piers for additions.

8. How do you do repair work in crawl spaces?

  • We have limited access equipment capable of installation in minimal access areas.

9. Can you use helical piers for new residential foundations?

  • Helical piers are implemented for residential and commercial foundation support for a wide variety of structure types. More Information

10. Can you use helical piers for repairs to commercial buildings?

  • Yes. High capacity pier sizes are available or pier groupings can be designed for large loading conditions.

11. Can you use helical piers for new commercial buildings?

  • Helical piers are implemented for commercial foundation support for a wide variety of structure types.  More Information