Project Details

Greenwood Village Town Hall [Fall 2022]

Contractor: Rocky Mountain Steel Piering & Structural Services

Project Description: The north chambers of the commercial building had experienced approximately 4” of settlement at a corner resulting in wall cracking and instability. Prior to starting a remodel of the chambers, the client wanted to achieve a more plumb foundation in addition to increased stability of the foundation.

Construction Description: The repair to the affected area of the foundation consisted of helical steel pile installation in (13) locations. The wall experiencing vertical movement was excavated at the helical pile locations, then supported utilizing underpinning brackets at specified locations. Once all piles were installed, the affected area was lifted approximately 1-3/4 inches prior to meeting resistance.

The helical piers were installed by Rocky Mountain Steel Piering, Inc., utilizing a handheld installation tool and hydraulic torque head to advance the piers into the ground. The helical piers consisted of 1-1/2 inch rounded corner square steel shafts advanced to an average depth of 30 feet into the ground to support the specified design load.